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Study Reaffirms Safety of Aspartame?



A product such as ASPARTAME, which has METHYL ALCOHOL as a component has no business being in the human food supply. In spite of that it was approved. PHENYLALANINE, another component of ASPARTAME, has been called "a molecular Auschwitz" by Dr. H.J. Roberts. Now years after approval for use, NUTRASWEET CORP. finances a study to prove ASPARTAME safe.

When a carefully orchestrated study is performed setting out specificly to prove safety, and is financed by the entity that stands to profit by proof of safety or possibly lose everything in lawsuits if the product is proven unsafe, we have to examine the scientific methodology behind the work. If found wanting in any detail, the entire work is invalid and becomes JUNK SCIENCE if allowed to stand. That is the dictum which is supposed to keep science and scientists pure.

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Return to this page afterwards and read what people who have devoted their lives to studying scientific research papers have to say at this link.

Senator Metzenbaum's Letter to Senator Hatch.

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A FAX form you can use to tell your State Senators to..
"Get ASPARTAME the hell off the market.."

It gets even better. When someone at M.I.T. threatened legal action because he felt he was being called a LIAR, he got this E-Mail.

A brain tumor victim's Letter.

There are about 6,000 pages on the internet concerning ASPARTAME POISONING.

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