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Hi, My Name is Kari from Salt Lake City, Utah

"I have an inoperable brain tumor from diet Coke"

I believe that my inoperable brain tumor can be attributed to aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet.) When I was in college, I used to go the thee 7/11 every day and get the giant size (32 oz) Diet Coke. I have never smoked, drank or did drugs. I was always eating healthy foods and trying to stay in shape by doing aerobics 3-4 times per week. I was having battles with my weight, and so to not gain any more weight, I drank Diet Coke!!!

It is pretty rotten that the FDA can get away with putting harmful things into our foods!! Before aspartame was approved, tests done by the company who wanted the approval showed that aspartame was toxic, especially to the brain. Aspartame caused brain tumors LIKE MINE in experimental animals.

I'm sad to say that Senator Hatch, from my own state of Utah, had a hand in allowing this poison, aspartame, to be approved and marketed by the NutraSweet Company.

I have a friend who has a Grade 4 brain tumor. She had 4 surgeries. I went to the hospital to see her and, how ironic, the nurse brought her a Diet Coke. I have tried to warn her of my findings about diet soda, but she won't stop drinking it. I think she is addicted.

I encourage everyone out there to not drink or eat any aspartame. I refuse to let my child have ANY!!! Tell all your friends and family. Please read all food labels too, as aspartame is put into such things as children's Flintstones vitamins and Pedialite!

How sad that this has happened. Someday, the people who make aspartame will have to answer to a higher authority. That is the only peace I have in this world.

This message brought to you as a public service by:

Mission Possible San Fernando Valley