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A word about ASPARTAME by a victim.

There seems to be a catch phrase used all too often to defend the continued sale of the poison called
ASPARTAME. That catch phrase is "double blind study."

The people who use it do so to defend the status quo. That is how they get their jobs, keep their jobs,  and eventually, if they defend the status quo vigorously enough, get promoted to bigger and better things. Meanwhile millions suffer and die.

The following is an example of that and the response of a victim  of ASPARTAME POISONING.



To : "Robert J. Boser"


Subj: DORway Guestbook

I would be interested in reviewing double-blind studies that support your position.

Robert J. Boser Editor-in-Chief AirlineSafety.Com


Thank you for visiting DORway... and for your ... comment.

Now... who do you suppose would ever pay for a study like to that which would prove some substance was bad? Especially, when in order to be EXACT,the participants would have to be "terminated" (like their rat predecessors) so that their pieces and parts could be weighed, dissected and scrutinized.

Why would you need to have double-blind studies when there are 200 million people out there being misdiagnosed (as was I for eleven years by 21 of 21 totally clueless "doctors") with one or more of 91 FDA noted symptoms... for which the expensive "cures" don't work?

Why would you need any further studies to prove that a steady diet of methanol turning to formaldehyde and then formic acid... is not a safe one?

Why would you need more data than that provided by the National Soft Drink Association that submitted a 30 page protest with evidence that aspartame was TOO unstable for use in a beverage, that it alters levels of serotonin which would most likely end up causing the user to consume MORE food.

If you missed all that on DORway... I can only suggest that you return for another look. After all, if you can't rely on data from the CDC, FDA,Searle, and the NSDA... who can you rely on?

Oh... of course there are a number of doctors: Blaylock, Bowen, Cabot, Drake, Elsas, Hays, Hulse, Raiford, Roberts, Olney (yes... THAT doctor Olney and yes, brain tumors ARE a problem!), Price, Whitaker, Wolverton and Wurtman (before he was induced to change his tune). Please do check out what they have to say at and when you are done... check FDA's Dr. Gross (audited Searle's tests) sworn statements to Senator Metzenbaum ( and in support of the brain tumor (and sloppy testing/possible fraud) the FDA's Dr. Bressler report that confirms the brain tumor issue and adds mammary, ovarian and uterine tumors to the list at: and finally... check out the highly watered down (and extremely short) summary to the CDC's (early on) report... followed by the entire report at:

If that does not convince you... there is a lot more. You might consider sending an Email to ... which nets you a 50kb file with most of the symptoms, most of the breakdown components, a diet coke report... and many commented links that serve as a menu of the somewhat large DORway WEB site.

Simply put, Mr. Boser, I am just a brain-damaged cancer-riddled unemployable victim with lots of time on my hands to find and post pertinent information. Had I not found the newly posted (1996) FDA article covering the 92 symptoms of poisoning I most likely would not be around to write you this Email... and DORway (stands for "David Oliver Rietz's -WAY-" of paying back the Internet for that article that saved my life) would not exist. Should you desire in-depth, succinct answers to your questions please address them to Mr. Mark Gold at and for more documentation than I have on DORway (yes, there IS more) please contact Mrs. Betty Martini. She has been working to educate the public on this substance since 1992, speaks the medical language and knows many of the above noted doctors.

I await your reply.



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E-mail to which will get a file with most of the symptoms, most of the breakdown substances, the diet coke report and many commented links to the WEB site that serve as a good menu.


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