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rBST/rBGH and Governments

5 Canadian scientists spoke out to inform the public that there was a human health issue attached to rBST/rBGH. They did this at the time that their bosses at HEALTH CANADA were urging them to approve rBST/rBGH for use in Canada. They spoke out in spite of being issued gag orders from their bosses NOT to warn the public. They faced a review hearing. They risked jobs. They risked careers. Why?

They did it because  they found out what every cancer researcher knows, what every cancer treatment specialist knows, in fact what every one who makes money when YOU get cancer knows....IGF-1 levels are elevated in rBST/rBGH milk and is already present in dangerous levels in ordinary cow milk. IGF-1 makes CANCER GROW!!

In spite of that HEALTH CANADA under the MINISTER RESPONSIBLE HON. ALLEN ROCK, performed "independent" studies of the issue and announced that the only human health issue was a potential for increased antibiotic residues. The HON. MINISTER'S denial of approval for rBST/rBGH was based entirely on animal health issues; increased udder infections which would require increased antibiotic use.

Now we have to ask...were the 5 scientists incompetent? If so, how did they ever get their jobs? Why issue a gag order to incompetents? Shouldn't they have been replaced if they had everything so misunderstood and out of context? I would think so but we haven't been told that.

So now you're likely asking "what's his problem? rBST/rBGH is denied approval in Canada and we can celebrate." So now I ask you, "what's to celebrate? RBST/rBGH is being swallowed every day in Canada by anyone who uses dairy products!" Hundreds of thousands of pounds of butter fats cross into Canada yearly from the U.S.A. The fats (liposomes) are where the IGF-1 molecules hide and hitch a ride through the more destructive parts of the gastro-intestinal system till they can pass through the intestinal wall and go to work. In babies this is great. Babies need to grow and grow fast. In every one else IGF-1 is just so much cancer fertilizer.

If you were following the rBST/rBGH controversy in Canada, then what you witnessed was the greatest end -run of all time. Monsanto got the two puppet governments in North America to do it all. There is no way Monsanto's rBST/rBGH would stand up to real scrutiny. It passed in the U.S. due to bribery but would have to pass a more ridgid inspection in Canada. Approval in Canada was never seriously considered. Instead Canada would NOT approve rBST/rBGH and imports of butter fats would be increased. Canada would continue to import from the U.S. and increase it's export of it's own dairy to New Zealand and other places. Over time cancer incidence in the two countries would stay relatively proportionate to what they are now. As it increased in the U.S. where rBST/rBGH is approved, it would also increase in Canada where it is not approved but is being CONSUMED! Who would notice?

This did not happen by accident. The entire Parliament of Canada is complicit in this. If you want to see how much help a Member of Parliament from the opposition was when informed about rBST/rBGH follow this link.

If after reading this you still feed your kids dairy then their sickness and death is on your head and yours alone! Ditto if you continue using dairy yourself. There is no hero wearing a white hat and riding a white horse coming to clean up Dodge City. It's all up to YOU.

Meet the man who discovered rBST/rBGH fraud in CANADA!
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