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There are only three types of people in the world; GOOD bunnies, BAD bunnies, and DUMB bunnies. The GOOD bunnies are doing everything they can to keep the BAD bunnies from enslaving or killing all us DUMB bunnies. --anon.

Fortunately for us there are a few GOOD bunnies working on our behalf. No doubt there are more GOOD bunnies out there than what I have listed but the following are the ones I know of. None of these GOOD bunnies receive money from any government or corporation. Apart from donations from like minded individuals, they give of their time and their own resources, to help us DUMB bunnies.


Richard Burroughs. While employed by FDA as a veterinarian Richard Burroughs reviewed biased, manipulated data on rBST/rBGH. He also witnessed and reported sick cows as a result of rBST/rBGH injection. Each time Burroughs noted a problem he was harassed by his boss. On his last day working for FDA, Burroughs was assaulted by security injuring his face and ripping tendons in his thumb. He was arrested, handcuffed, and taken to hospital under police guard. Later false charges of animal cruelty were leveled against him to try to destroy his private practice. All because he stood for truth and our health.

We appreciate what you did for us Richard.

Richard Burroughs, where ever you are, you are a GOOD BUNNY.


Mark Gold. Mark has devoted a good deal of his life to warning others and presenting the case against the use of methanol as a food. It's hard to believe that only a generation ago people knew methanol is poison and yet today it is routinely used in the food supply. Mark devotes his time between his site and newsgroups patiently urging those still being poisoned to save themselves and their families. Patient to a degree that amazes, Mark willingly gives of his time and finances to ensure that ASPARTAME will eventually be known for what it really is. POISON.

Mark gave Dave Rietz  the answer that 21 doctors couldn't.

Mark Gold, you are a GOOD BUNNY.


Dave Rietz. Dave's story is nothing short of a miracle. Unable to discover what was causing him untold pain and misery, Dave went through 21 Doctors. Mark Gold's site gave him the answer to his debilitating condition;poisoning by America's largest, most respected corporations. Dave noticed the word "Equal" under brand names containing ASPARTAME and the light came on. Quitting the use of ASPARTAME put Dave on the road to recovery but will he ever regain what he has lost thanks to his elected representatives making the sale of methanol in the food supply legal? Dave's personal experience and research have shown him that ASPARTAME is a "Pandora's box of chameleon-like toxins and tumor agents that have 92 FDA acknowledged ways to ruin your life, death being one of them."

Your site has helped thousands, Dave. And lots of fun links too!

Dave Rietz, you are a GOOD BUNNY.


Jennifer Cohen. Are GOOD bunnies born or do they learn from their parents? I don't know but Jennifer Cohen has done what any scientist worthy of the name should be able to do. Jennifer proved that ASPARTAME breaks down into formaldehyde and DKP (a known brain tumor agent.) Jennifer showed that the breakdown occurs regardless of what temperature the ASPARTAME is stored at. Now why did  an eleven year old girl have to do what highly paid and highly educated scientists should have done? Maybe the answer is because they are highly paid.

It cost Jennifer over $1200.00 to do the experiment. She's paying it off by babysitting.

Jennifer Cohen, you are a  GOOD BUNNY.


Jon Baum. Well aware that the agenda which conspired to kill members of his family in World War II Europe is alive and well in North America and in control of our Governments, Jon has committed his efforts to warning us. North America is the largest concentration camp ever and Monsanto is supplying the ZYKLON-B. Bio-genetic mutants, cow milk, aspartame, neotame, and a collection of poisons to destroy nature are in Monsanto's arsenal.

You say the things others fear to say.

Jon Baum, you are a GOOD BUNNY.


Steve Wilson  and Jane Akre. While we are used to hearing that the mainstream media is "the fifth estate" it would be more accurate to describe most of them, and FOX in particular as a "fifth column." Asked to lie to the public about rBST/rBGH Steve and Jane refused bribes and threats and ultimately lost their jobs. Upholding the Right to Freedom of Speech which is the Right to Inform and the Right to be Informed has cost these two plenty.

Thank you for defending our Right to the Truth.

Steve Wilson and Jane Akre, you are GOOD BUNNIES.


A.P.E.C. Protesters. Pepper sprayed and arrested for protesting the hosting of one murderous band of thugs by another murderous band of thugs in our  home land, and now denied legal aid. You have defended the inherent rights of us all while those in power deny them and proving again too that the thugs in power in Canada foster enmity between the People and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Any one of you could discharge the duties and moral obligations of the office of Prime Minister of Canada more capably than has been done for many years.

A.P.E.C. Protesters, you are GOOD BUNNIES.


Robert Cohen. Of all the scientists, physicians, nutritionists, dieticians in the world, only Robert Cohen noticed the mis-reference concerning RBST/rBGH destruction during pasteurization. Following up on the work which should have been  referenced, Cohen discovered blatant fraud and more. Much , much more. He could have kept quiet. He could have parlayed his find into a secure future for himself. Instead Cohen began  an investigative journey that became a resounding indictment against two federal governments and the money interests which control them.

Robert Cohen, you uncovered the fraud of the century and it all has to do with MILK.

Robert Cohen, you are a GOOD BUNNY.


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