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Cc: > Subject: We call this one of the worst crimes in world history - the consistent murder of babies in their mother's womb. Those that live can have birth defects or be mentally retarded. Open letter to the FDA - being asked to be published throughout the world. Please also send to all members of Congress. Read the propaganda put out by Monsanto!

Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 5:15 AM

Dear Dr. Friedman:

How can you people allow Monsanto to push this on pregrant women and infants? Allowing this by the FDA makes you look like part of the gestapo. Some babies are being born with no eyeballs, brain tumors, neurological problems, other cancers, etc. The European Union has outlawed aspartame for in fants and small children. Why don't you , Dr. Friedman, have a steady diet of NutraSweet. Experience the headaches, the memory loss, the confusion, the MS symptoms, the blindness, the agonizing joint pain and the other horrors. I bet you don't let your family have it? What shame and horror the FDA has brought to the world ! Be sure to read Dr. Elsas testimony before congress on and Dr. Roberts position paper on pregnancy and aspartame. Dr. Roberts says it so eloquently - to push this on pregnant women is absolutely OBSCENE. I would just add its also murder. What I ought to do is take the case historires of these horrors and give them to one of the doctors and let him publish them as a book - its already written. " This is what the FDA approved and what it has caused - the systemic murder and birth defect horrors to thousands of babies."

Monsanto writes the material of the trade organizations so you have the American Diabetes Association (aspartame precipitates diabetes) and the American Dietitic Association putting out this same material so more and more babies can be murdered. Merck picked it up and put it in their home edition of the Merck Manual of Medical Information (saying aspartame is safe for pregnant women) - even though they have been told, and told and told. Headache from aspartame is #1 on your list of 92 complaints from aspartame so Merck decided to do something about it - have you approve Maxalt for headache and then they added aspartame to it.

A week or so ago I handed a pharmacist , Carol Kulaga, in Atlanta a flyer and told her aspartame had been declared a disease and world epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D. As she stood back it was obvious she was 6 months pregnant. She is not very happy with the FDA either. What kind of horrors will her baby be born with if it sur ives the other 3 months. Another lady walked up and sai d "Oh no, my niece wasn't warned either and both of her twins died . I tried to tell it also to someone at work who said 'the FDA would have put a warning if that was so as she drank her Diet Coke. Her baby was born blind and with cancer."

Books are constantly being written about aspartame, but I hope there will be aa great number now written about the FDA allowing this since FDA has been getting the case histories for years and know, and have sat back and done nothing but protect Monsanto Chemical C ompany. As Julie Kelly wrote Dr. Kessler when he granted blanket approval of this drug that interacts with other drugs and changes brain chemistry "May God Have Mercy On Your Soul, no one else will !" She was writing about all the people she knew with problems from aspartame and the recent death of her dear friend from the poison." Did the FDA care? Did they write back and say they would investigate and even show some concern? No, they sent a propaganda packet defending Monsanto ! How digusting and insulting can the FDA get?

Listen to neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D's lecture on as he explains the reactions to aspartame are not allergic in nature but toxic l ike arsenic and cyanide. It is a chemical poison. Of course, I don't know why I tell you to access DORway since the FDA and their "Defenders" have been on consistently. What is the Defender FDA? Is there now a legal department of attorneys to figure out how to defend the FDA for this crime against humanity? Tell them there isn't a chance, we have the case histories and know that more people have died from aspartame than in some wars. Its common knowledge that aspartame is a neurotoxin and teratogen (triggers birth defects). Why is Monsanto iallowed to put out false propaganda!

And you send this IFIC brochure which appears to be written by Monsanto with the same kind of lies as on their web site. I suspect you know it has been answered and rebutted on DORWay brilliantly. Yet, you still send it out.

I've decided to make this an open letter so it not only can go to the press, but I'm sending it to someone who will put it on a list of 450 global networks. You people should be made to answer this and the 26 questions that you have had for over two years and refused to answer.The FDA last told Newt Gingrich's office "we have to see what our attorneys will allow us to say". Naturally then FDA continues to ignore them. Isn't the truth good enough to answer the questions!

Betty Martini, Mission Possible International 770 242-2599

CC: Press Press if you want to retrieve the government documents showing Monsanto and the FDA is lying when they say the studies showed safety, etc., simply email  and you will get the FDA report of 92 symptoms from coma to death along with a map around DORway's 450 pages including the actual government documents. When they say aspartame studies showed safety read the FDA's own audit of the horrors of the origianl studies, the Bressler Report. Read the damning CDC investigation! Read the protest of the National Soft Drink Association who explained how this toxin breaks down - their first objection was 'aspartame is inherently, markedly and uniquely unstable in acqueous media.' Read the letters from the late Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist, who attempted to stop the approval of aspartame, to Senator Metzenbaum describing the brain tumors and other horrors the studies showed. Dr. Gross told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment because it triggered brain tumors and said: "If the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the publc?" I'll answer that - Those there to solve the problem are the problem. Read the position papers by H. J. Roberts, M.D., who has declared aspartame to be a disease and world epidemic and is publishing a medical text on the world plague caused by the FDA's approval of aspartame. He explains what aspartame does to the fetus, how it mimics MS (destroys the central nervous system), how it blinds, the cardiac problems it causes that lead to death and how it interacts with other drugs, how it triggers headaches and other problems. Read the Diabetic Journal of India, by ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Barua. - 16 pages on the dangers of this toxin. Read neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock's position paper on what this does to pilots on the aviation page. Read his 25 pages on what aspartame does to the brain and the body. There are numbers for the books and publications by these physicians including Dr. Roberts book Defense Against Alzheimers Disease and how aspartame is escalating this 20th century disease that has now tripled. Listen to the interviews on Mission Possible Radio of of the experts. Listen to the interview of attorney James Turner in Washington, D.C. Listen to the interview from physician and pilot, Dr. Sandra Cabot from Mission Possible Australia tell you what aspartame does to your liver. Ralph Walton, M.D., said on 60 minutes there are only 90 valid studies on aspartame and 83 showed problems!

It is time to stop Monsanto and the FDA from putting out false propaganda and allowing continued sickness and death throughout the world from a chemical poison marketed for human consumption. And we hope the media will print in its entirety the statement of James Bowen,M.D. to the FDA that aspartame is mass poisoning of the American public and more than 70 countries of the world (now 100). They were given this in the 80's and ignored just like they ignored the petition to ban aspartame by the Community Nutrition Institute in l986 because people were going blind. Ignoring petitions and thousands and thousands of complaints, the FDA actually granted blanket approval for this drug to be used like sugar in l996. And now Monsanto knowing if aspartame is recalled people will wake up well all over the world, has a new plan, have the FDA approve a more potent aspartame, neotame. If they do this consider it a crime in line with treason!

All those on lists we ask put this open letter on all of your media lists throughout the world. Those wanting to distribute our warning flyer email  with nothing in the subject line or message text.


Betty Martini

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> >This should all make us sick to our stomach's.

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> > Nutrition Fact Sheet:

Aspartame in Pregnancy > > Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life. Good nutrition is more important than ever for a pregnant woman. Her diet must supply enough protein, vitamins,minerals and calories for both herself and the developing child. Pregnant women often have questions about the use of specific foods and food ingredients. Many women are interested in using products sweetened with aspartame because they have the sweet taste of sugar without added calories. > > What is aspartame? Aspartame, commonly known as NutraSweet brand sweetener, is an intense sweetener that provides the sweet taste of sugar at a fraction of the calories.Aspartame is made up of components found naturally in common foods. It is a combination of the amino acids aspartic acid and phenylalanine, as the methyl ester.Amino acids and methyl esters are found naturally in foods like meats,milk, fruits and vegetables. When digested, the body handles them in the same way as those in foods we eat daily. Aspartame, discovered almost 30 years ago, is now a widely >accepted sweetener and is enjoyed by millions of Americans everyday. > > Who can use aspartame? People of all ages, including pregnant or >breast-feeding women, teens and children over two years old can enjoy products sweetened with aspartame while maintaining a healthful diet. Even though studies show that infants and young children digest and handle even large amounts of aspartame in the same way as adults, it is important that children have ample calories for rapid growth. For this reason, aspartame is not intended for use by infants and very young children. >Since it was discovered in 1965, aspartame has been thoroughly reviewed by >regulatory agencies around the world as well as leading scientific organizations. The scientific evidence, including studies of pregnant animals, women of child-bearing age and women who were breast-feeding, often using extremely large amounts of aspartame,supports the fact that eating products sweetened with aspartame is no different than eating any other food. In fact, the components of aspartame are found in much greater amounts in other foods that we daily compared to foods made using aspartame. An 8 ounce glass of milk has six times more phenylalanine and thirteen times more aspartic acid than an equivalent amount of soda sweetened with NutraSweet. And, an 8 ounce glass of fruit juice contains three to five times more methanol than an equivalent amount of soda sweetened with NutraSweet. > > Aspartame can be used by the whole family. However, individuals with a >rare genetic disease called phenylketonuria (PKU), need to be aware that aspartame is a source of the protein component, phenylalanine. Those who have PKU cannot >properly metabolize phenylalanine and must monitor their intake of this amino acid from all foods, including foods containing aspartame. In the U.S., every infant is screened for PKU at birth.Therefore, a pregnant woman with PKU would know if she has this condition and she should monitor her intake of phenylalanine during pregnancy. > > How do foods and beverages sweetened with aspartame fit into healthful >eating during pregnancy? Sufficient calories are very important during >pregnancy. However, these calories should come from foods that contribute to nutrient >needs rather than from foods low in nutrients. The variety of foods and beverages sweetened with aspartame can help satisfy a pregnant woman's taste for "sweets"without extra calories, leaving room for more nutritious foods. Pregnant women should pay particular attention to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Guide Pyramid to help make healthful food choices that provide sufficient calories. The daily recommendation is to eat: 6 to 11 servings of bread, cereals, pastas and grain products; 2 to 4 servings of fruit; 3 to 5 servings of vegetables; dark green leafy, yellow or orange vegetables should be included several times a week. 2 to 3 servings of meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts; 3 servings of milk, yogurt and cheese. It is important for pregnant women to consult with a physician or registered dietitian for specific advice about nutrition and exercise. > > How do you know if a product contains aspartame? The word "aspartame" >will be included in the product's list of ingredients. If the product is >sweetened almost exclusively with NutraSweet brand of aspartame it may have the NutraSweet logo and swirl on the front product panel. To contact a registered dietitian for answers to your questions or for a referral to a registered dietitian in your area call:

The American Dietetic Association Consumer Nutrition Hot Line 800/366-1655 9am to 4pm CST, Monday -Friday

> > This fact sheet was brought to you by an educational grant from The NutraSweet Kelco Company. Equal, the Equal sign design, NutraSweet and the NutraSweet symbol are registered trademarks of The NutraSweet Kelco Company. 

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